Black Phone Cases

Saffiano Leather Black Phone Cases

Your gorgeous black leather phone case covers your phone with an exquisitely perfect fit, surrounding each fragile corner with comfort and style. The softness of the saffiano leather cushions the blow of any drops or impact, making sure your smartphone is kept from harm’s way. 

Your phone is not just a phone, it is a diary, an email inbox, a social media presence, a FaceTime with your children, a work buddy, and a fountain of knowledge. Don’t take your smartphone for granted; give it the best possible protection and style which lasts long and stays fresh.

In the time of extra health and safety precautions, there has never been a better phone case to purchase. The smooth leather is more than easy to clean with antibacterial spray or wipe, taking a maximum of ten seconds to ensure it is virus and bacteria free. If you spill your coffee, never fear - simply rinse and dry the leather phone case and slip it easily back onto your phone when it’s done. Not only is this phone a fashion accessory to die for, it is also safe as can be.

Custom Black Leather Phone Case

If you are a fan of personalised items, you can incorporate monogrammed lettering onto your beautiful custom black leather phone case. 

Fusing the simple elegance of the black phone case with gold, silver or rose gold lettering, your phone case is not just a protective layer - it is an eye catching accessory which is both professional and cool. 

Suitable for a business CEO or a fashionista, this versatile phone case is imbued with elegance from the first moment you lay eyes on it.