iPhone 11 Cases

Custom iPhone 11 Case

At Communique, our cases can be designed to your personal preference and ensure that they have the exact aesthetic that you want. 

If you have recently purchased an iPhone 11, you might also be looking for the perfect way to keep it safe and in fantastic condition. With its glass back and full-length retina screen, this phone is vulnerable to the typical bumps and knocks as well as scratches. 

That’s why all of our iPhone 11 cases are designed with ultimate protection in mind as well. As such, you can feel confident that your phone looks amazing and feels incredible and secure too. 

iPhone 11 Leather Cases 

Our iPhone 11 leather cases are beautifully designed to the finest detail. With a designer iPhone 11 case like this, you can guarantee that your iPhone is certain to impress anyone who sees it. 

It’s the perfect way to elevate what is an already fantastic phone design. 

Monogrammed iPhone 11 Cases

Alternatively, you might want to think about purchasing a personalised iPhone 11 leather case for a friend or family member. You can make this a wonderful gift by adding a monogram with the individual’s initials in the saffiano leather phone case. 

This additional feature elevates the design and ensures that their iPhone 11 will stand out while looking completely unique. You will be able to select from a monogram that is rose gold, silver, or gold. One of these is sure to delight your family member, friend, or loved one and guarantee that their phone looks absolutely incredible.