iPhone 11 Pro Cases

iPhone 11 Pro Leather Case

Communique presents this top-quality leather iPhone 11 Pro case in three beautiful, stylish colours. Available in neutral black, nude or an eye catching blush pink, all dyed professionally into the Italian saffiano leather, this smooth case is not to be missed. 

Ideal for professionals who want to protect their phone while exuding businesslike sophistication, this leather iPhone 11 Pro case will feel light, soft and supple in your hand. Easy to wipe clean and perfect for your busy lifestyle, this iPhone 11 Pro case will protect your new phone with utmost care. 

Designed by experts to absorb impact if the phone is dropped, you can rely on Communique to give you a case that not only looks great, but serves its protective purpose too. This irresistibly fashionable leather case wraps effortlessly around your iPhone 11 Pro, subtly protecting while providing a professional, classy finish.

Custom iPhone 11 Pro Case

Not only does this beautiful leather case protect and add style, it can be customised to add a more personal finish. Using specially designed monogrammed lettering, Communique’s custom leather iPhone 11 Pro case can be transformed into a personalised item for you to enjoy. 

The monogram lettering comes in either rose gold, gold or silver, never straying from the chic, luxurious style of this gorgeous leather case. For any gender, any profession, and any age, this lettering is simply cool, giving your iPhone 11 Pro an effortlessly sleek finish. 

Your iPhone 11 Pro will be your work assistant, your point of connection to the ones you love, your GPS, your diary, your social access and your financial helper. Why settle for less when it comes to dressing it in the perfect case? Give your iPhone the finish it deserves with this charming leather case which protects, beautifies and stylises it with long lasting finish.