iPhone 12 Cases

Custom iPhone 12 Case

At Communique, our cases can be designed to your personal preference and ensure that they have the exact aesthetic that you want. 

With the long-standing debate about phone cases hindering a phone's design, it is more tempting to avoid getting a new iPhone 12 case. But, if you have recently got yourself an iPhone 12, you might also be looking for the perfect way to keep it safe and in excellent condition. Even with its new ceramic glass technology, no phone is completely safe from accidental bumps, knocks and scratches. 

That’s why all of our iPhone 12 cases are designed with ultimate protection in mind. As such, you can feel confident that your phone looks amazing and feels incredible and secure too.  

iPhone 12 Leather Case

At Communique, we offer top quality, personalized iPhone 12 leather cases to complement your snazzy new phone. 

A leather case with a personal touch is a charming way to give your phone extra protection with a touch of style. Produced using exceptionally tanned and fine leather, the exterior feels delicate to the touch and builds up a characteristic patina over the long run. 

For the professionals looking to secure their iPhones while oozing with business-like class, this iPhone 12 leather case will feel light and delicate despite its sophistication, and yet is easy to clean for the busy work life.

Monogram Your iPhone 12 Case

Nobody wants a boring case design. When monogrammed, our personalised iPhone 12 cases speak to your identity and personality in no time. Your smartphone holds all you require to get through the day, making it a smart decision to secure it with a case. 

A monogrammed iPhone 12 case isn't merely brilliant but will turn your phone into an attractive must-have accessory. 

Are you looking for that one-of-a-kind feel? At Communique, we’re proud to provide a customised iPhone 12 case designed by you to match your everyday active lifestyle.


Start designing your personalised iPhone 12 case today!