iPhone XS

Custom iPhone XS Case

The iPhone XS is still one of the most popular phones on the market and for good reason. It has a beautiful aesthetic and a user-friendly design that is perfect for the young and old. However, you might be interested in adding a little more to your phone design and at Communique, we have the perfect solution. 

You can add an additional touch of splendour to your phone with our monogrammed leather iPhone XS cases. A monogram is an ideal way to show exactly who your phone belongs to with your initials hand-stitched into the fabric of the case. 

iPhone XS Leather Case

We’re delighted to say that our iPhone XS cases are made from the finest saffiano leather. Wonderful to touch and perfect to behold, a leather iPhone XS case is certain to ensure that your phone looks absolutely stunning and incredible. 

Furthermore, these leather cases will keep your iPhone safe from any damage that you might be concerned about. Indeed, an iPhone XS leather case will encase your phone completely so that there’s no need to worry about the screen getting scratched by keys in your pocket or a knock damaged the back of the phone. Instead, your phone will continue to look and feel incredible for years to come. 

Give a Thoughtful Gift With a Monogrammed iPhone XS Case

Alternatively, if you don’t need an iPhone XS leather case yourself, you could opt to buy one as a gift for a friend or family member. This is certainly going to be appreciated and will guarantee that their phone looks absolutely stunning. A leather iPhone XS case is going to keep their phone stylish and in optimal condition.