Samsung Galaxy s10 Cases

Leather Samsung Galaxy S10 Case

A perfect case for a professional work environment in the classic black leather; or perhaps made more eye catching for a springlike touch with the blush pink; or will you choose subtlety and class in the nude leather? Choose from a range of bold colours to complement your look.

The choice is yours. Take your phone to the next level with this Samsung Galaxy S10 leather case which will never let you down.

Not only does this case look slick and upscale, but it does its job too. After all, the purpose of a phone case is to protect your phone from the hazards of your busy life. Easy as pie to clean, this leather will resist stains and stay squeaky clean with a ten-second wipe-over once in a while. 

The soft, padded leather absorbs shock, ensuring that if your Samsung S10 is dropped onto a hard surface, it will be cushioned in its fall. Communique’s expertly designed leather case gives your phone sophistication and protection, all in one.

Customised Leather Samsung Galaxy S10 Case

Take your stunning Italian leather case up a notch with monogrammed customised lettering. 

Personalise your Samsung Galaxy S10 with gold, silver or rose gold lettering which layer effortlessly onto the leather case you choose. Make your phone an eye catching part of every outfit by having your custom initials printed in monochrome, or perhaps give the case as the perfect gift to a loved one. 

Show someone you love them by investing in a breathtaking, personal saffiano leather case for their Samsung S10. With durability, lightweight feel and timeless style, you won’t want to miss out on these beautiful leather phone cases.