Samsung Cases

Samsung Phone Cases

Suitable for most Samsung models and crafted beautifully for high class finish, these Samsung leather phone cases are a stunning addition to any phone.

The Italian saffiano leather is cool, lightweight and durable, feeling incredible in your hand and keeping your phone protected. The padded, soft leather will reliably cushion any impact, so that your phone is well-shielded from those inevitable drops onto hard surfaces from time to time.

The Communique Samsung leather phone case is available in a number of exquisite colours. Whatever your personality and unique fashion style, your Communique leather phone case will help your Samsung blend perfectly into any outfit, be it business or party!

Custom Leather Samsung Case

Although it seems the elegance of the Communique classic leather phone case could not be outmatched, there is the option to personalise your case for an added groovy finish. 

Custom monogram lettering can be added to initialise your Samsung leather case, making you stand out from the crowd and celebrating what makes you, you. This modern addition to your leather case will make a truly innovative, bold statement, adding a fashionable flair to absolutely any outfit or occasion. 

Monogrammed Samsung Leather Phone Cases

The monogrammed lettering is available in three classic colours: gold, silver, or rose gold. Whatever your taste, you can transform your phone case into a personalised statement which will catch many eyes in every room you’re in. 

Gold, silver and rose gold all subtly compliment the range of colours our leather cases are available in, making any combination unique and absolutely stunning. 

The luxuriously applied monogrammed lettering provides a hint of flair to your Samsung phone, helping you stand out from the crowd and turn heads wherever you go. You deserve only the best for your Samsung phone, and Communique is here to provide you with the luxury phone case of your dreams.


Personalized Samsung Cases Make Thoughtful Gifts

For special occasions, this beautiful leather Samsung case is the ideal gift for the one you love, or perhaps to accompany your custom phone case with a matching case for a friend, complete with their initials. 

Whatever style and taste you and your friends or family have, they are bound to be blown away by such a tasteful, unique gift which shows how much you care for them. These versatile saffiano leather cases are a great present for any gender, age or profession, making them a reliable gift you just know they will love.