Our Story


Established on the sunny Gold Coast in Queensland, Communique is a luxe phone case company on a mission to infuse lavish pieces with everyday style.

Communique was brought to you with the intention of celebrating your individuality through customised phone cases. Each case is designed to be a reflection of the person you are – bold, iconic, deluxe. No two cases are the same.

At Communique, it’s not about fitting in, it’s about standing out and having your say.

Deluxe Pebble Grain Leather

We’ve sourced the finest materials to bring you the highest quality customised cases on the market. Our cases have been fitted and finished with luxe Pebble Grain Leather. Pebble Grain Leather is a high-grade leather with a pebble-like texture. The choice to use pebbled leather was obvious to us. Pebbled leather not only looks aesthetic, but the textured exterior makes the leather scratch resistant and durable for everyday wear and tear.

Our Mission:

To create exclusive pieces for exclusive people.

We know you’re special and we want you to feel it with luxurious pieces customised to you.


 We started the #DoItYourWay movement because we want you to know how important you are.#DoItYourWay is all about honouring your individuality and your voice. Our collection of customisable cases are a tribute to you and the message you want to share. We want everyone to feel as special as they are and to be a part of a community that honours what you do when you #DoItYourWay.